Fresh from Jerusalem in 2013

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It’s been at least 4 months since my last post and in general I have not been an avid user of this blog. My intention is to change that as I have a newfound appreciation for the waxing and waning of all that I am and all that makes up my life. Plus no matter where I am or what I am doing I usually find time to create some sort of yummy raw dessert that you all will likely appreciate.

The big news this winter (for those of you who are not linked up with me on facebook) is that my family and I have up and moved to Jerusalem, Israel.

Most of the people with first hand knowledge of life in Israel told me to be prepared and that it would not be easy, “Israel is a hard place” they would say. My not so distant memory holds a mystical and spontaneous image of what life in Israel was like during a 1.5 year stint over 8 years ago. 8 years ago however, I was somewhat single, not a parent, and finding a new sense of my spirituality via Torah and this sacred land.

In present time I am married, Mother of a shining 2.5 year old boy (that also happens to be two and a half handfuls), with a desire to build my business  (outlet for creative expression – inlet for financial flow). Needless to say my experience here is quite different from the vision I had held in my mind.

Our days and nights here have been both enchanted and mundane. I think overall the greatest impact our being here has had on me personally is a sort of liberation from many physical and emotional ties I had created to the ease of living and availability of “things” in the states. Being without many of my go to snacks, daily outings, grocery stores, restaurants, media, not to mention transportation has proven to be a great gift. I have found that I am satisfied with less and that I actually enjoy the slower pace it has established (an added bonus is shedding a few unneeded pounds and gaining some welcome muscle tone due to all the walking). If I were to move back to the states I would hope to bring this new sense of simplicity along with me.

6 a.m moonset over Jerusalem

In the posts to come you will hear more about our time here in Israel. Hopefully that will include some travel, as well as recipes using local ingredients, new food findings, and daily life  here in the land of milk and honey!

Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment. Let me know you are there, share your thoughts, feelings and questions. I will be sure to respond. Happy 2013!


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