Extra Dark, mostly Raw, all Vegan Hard Chocolate Recipe

Have you heard about Divine Organics Thai Blossom Coconut Sugar??? As a sweetener it is AMAZING STUFF!!! If you ever had the chance to try those pure Maple Sugar candies – it has something similar going on without the strong maple flavor and not hard. Coconut Blossom Sugar is generally quite thick, with a very sweet, creamy, and caramelly flavor. The word ambrosia comes to mind when I think of a decadent little taste all on its own.  

Divine Organics Coconut Blossom Sugar

I’ve recently had the opportunity to play with this delightful ingredient. I’ve used coconut sugar crystals in the past for raw chocolates, but even with powdering it a bit of grittiness remains. Then I thought how perfectly this blossom sugar would be. It is smooth with a flavor that would match so nicely with chocolate, plus it is much less processed, than coconut palm sugar. It’s also much lower on the glycemic index than many sweeteners and has a good spectrum of vitamins and minerals. For more specifics check it out here.

This recipe has a really nice textural appeal. It melts smooth on your tongue and has a very deep dark chocolate flavor. It is definitely for you bittersweet – dark chocolate lovers.

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Raw Chocolate used as Drizzle and as a Dip for the Raspberries

Raw Chocolate used as Drizzle and as a Dip for the Raspberries

Thai Blossom, Extra Dark, Hard Chocolate

Recipe by Chaya-Ryvka Diehl

Makes about 2 Cups of Chocolate.

This recipe was made using weighed measures, so you will need a decent kitchen scale of some sort. Be sure to keep all of your equipment completely dry as even a small drop of water can cause the whole batch of chocolate to seize. If that were to happen, no worries – you are on the brink of creative kitchen genius. It is now your job and opportunity to turn your seized chocolate into an incredible ganache by adding more water or your favorite nut milk. You could also throw a bit into a blender with some soaked mac nuts, or cashews, and some nut milk or water to create a pudding, cheesecake or mousse… basically add more liquid and other ingredients if you like, and see what you can come up with. If you don’t want to do that, just keep it all dry, dry, dry! 😉

Ingredients – all are available for purchase through Divine Organics

8 oz. Cacao Butter, chopped and melted gently in your dehydrator or in a bowl sitting on top of another bowl holding hot water (but be sure to keep the water out of the butter!).

5 oz. Thai Blossom Coconut Sugar

5 – 5.5 oz. Cacao Powder 

½  tsp. High Mineral Sea Salt

1 tsp. Vanilla Powder, or a scraped Vanilla Bean (seeds only)

Blend all ingredients in your high speed blender until well emulsified.

Use right away to pour in molds, use as a drizzle adding texture, flavor and flare to any dessert, use for dipping fruit, or to make a nice bark with your favorite nuts, seeds, and dried fruit…use it however your massive heart desires!!!

If there is anything left over when you are done, store it refrigerated in an air tight container. If by chance the chocolate is still warm, let it cool or even harden before you cover it – we don’t want any water condensation 😉

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!!!





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