chayaChef Chaya-Ryvka is a raw food Chef and home cook who has spent much of her professional raw food career specializing in gourmet raw-vegan desserts. Her five star desserts have attracted students from around the globe, and brought her to cater events like the wedding cakes for Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch’s RAW union wedding festival. Chef Chaya’s extensive raw food training includes many years spent as Master Raw Food Chef Elaina Love’s (from Pure Joy Planet) personal assistant, she spent over 6 years as a pastry chef, and bakery supervisor for Cafe Gratitude in northern California. She also had the privilege of apprenticing with Matthew Rodgers Master Raw Dessert Chef, Pastry Chef and Chocolatier.

Chaya-Ryvka is the director of The Living Vision which specializes in Raw-Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo and Low Glycemic cuisine. Through the website and blog Chef Chaya offers recipes and insights into healthy living and eating.

Living Vision Foods offers the bay area community opportunities to special order desserts for any occasion, and to order from a small selection of Chef Chaya’s most popular food items. To find out more about Living Vision Foods click here.