chayaChaya Ryvka is a raw food Chef, and most well known as a gourmet raw food Pastry Chef. Chaya-Ryvka’s five star desserts have attracted students from around the globe, and brought her to cater events like the wedding cakes for Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch’s RAW union wedding festival. Chaya-Ryvka’s extensive raw food training includes many years spent as Master Raw Food Chef Elaina Love’s personal assistant, and working for years as a pastry chef, and bakery supervisor for Cafe Gratitude. She also apprenticed with Mathew Rodgers Master Raw Dessert Chef, Chocolatier and owner of Coracao Confections. Chaya-Ryvka is now the director of The Living Vision. The Living Vision specializes in Raw Organic Cuisine – providing people with the opportunity to special order desserts and learn first hand how to make them.

Chaya-Ryvka also spent a year and a half studying in a Chabad Seminary in Tsfat, Israel. She is comfortable with the basic laws of kashrut and will gladly work under a mashgiach to ensure your level of kashrut is being met.