chayaChaya-Ryvka spent over 13 years as a raw food Chef and home cook who has spent much of her professional raw food career specializing in gourmet raw-vegan desserts.

In 2017 Chaya launched Living Vision Kitchen a paleo vegan product line consisting of 3 flavors of cookies, a fresh coconut yogurt and creamy coconut porridge. The cookies were birthed for her own family, as the options in the market did not satisfy her health scrupulous desires or her families needs for a traditional flavored comfort food. For her son Hodi she created the traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie, when her husband requested something with coffee she decided to throw in some cardamom for her own love of a traditional Turkish Coffee, and finally as she was creating all these treats for her family she herself desired something without the chocolate or coffee, and so came the Lemon Poppy Seed Cookie. 

Living Vision Kitchen offers the bay area community opportunities to special order desserts for any occasion, or order any of Living Vision Kitchens regular products as well as occasionally seasonal specialties. To find out more about Living Vision Kitchen click here.