Raw Vegan Thanksgiving Cheesecake Tart with RAVE Reviews

  This Apple Cheesecake Tart has gotten RAVE reviews. Most notably I need to quote a dear 3 and a half year old friend who was enjoying a slice of this tart with my other dear friend (her Mommy). Here’s … Continued

Zero Glycemic Sprouted Almond Butter Cups

  Yes, these are SWEET treats, and YES they are not just low glycemic but, they are actually ZERO on the glycemic index!!! I have found a new love of STEVIA and my former self would be shocked. Although I’ve … Continued

Low Glycemic Raw Dessert Recipe: Coconut Butter & Rosemary Coconut Rock Candy

  How many times have you bought a precious $12.00 bottle of coconut butter, savored one little spoonful at a time or perhaps even used  some for a recipe taking little nibbles of the heavenly manna as you went? Coconut … Continued

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