Juice Feast Days 53-56

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Wow, what a week! I’ve been up down and all around, I wasn’t feeling too good for a few days and had to dose myself with herbs and massive amounts of vitamin ‘C’. Thank goodness I am feeling so much … Continued

Juice Feast Days 49-52

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I have left Egypt and am now entering the Holy Land! Pesach, a weekend of deep thought, sharing, learning and this may come as a shock to some of you….eating Matzah! I do not consider this a breaking of the … Continued

Juice Feast Days 45-48 “Traveling”

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Juicy journeys, Vivid awareness of the humble souls yearning, A turning and burning of all no longer serving, To ashes and dust, Now light transforms lust to trust, trust, trust….. Traveling through time, space, and mind, The sign of the … Continued

Juice Feast Days 42, 43 & 44

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Thank you, Thank you for the Vitamin ‘D’….I don’t know about wherever you are, but I’ve been writing from Eugene Oregon who’s weather has been cold, dark and wet….did I mention cold…and dark? This was a glorious light filled Shabbat … Continued

Juice Feast Days 36-38

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What a weekend it has been! My extremely rambunctious nephew Kwest came for a sleep over weekend. Even with two of us exhaustion was inevitable, and both my Father and I were a bit overwhelmed with the making of food … Continued

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