B-Raw Mitzvah

A few days ago I create these luscious raw living food desserts for a Bar Miztvah in Berkeley. I love how enthusiastic everyone was about this food.

This Bar Miztvah was for the Chabad (a chasidic movement and organization in Orthodox Judaism) of Berkeley, Ca. I mention this specifically because the majority of the Religious Jewish community (that I have come across) are (Sadly) far from health conscious. So here I am being hired to make raw desserts for this beautiful and health conscious orthodox family.

As I’m writing this it hits me. This was part of my original plan, vision or inspiration into learning about raw food preparation. It was during a year and a half stay in Israel when I was learning in a Chabad seminary in Tsfat that I experienced a great dichotomy.  On one hand I was learning the importance of protecting ourselves, actually that one of the commandments is to guard ourselves. Generally (in my experience) this was taught to mean that we should not put ourselves in any dangerous situation. What it seemed was not considered was the food we eat and how those foods affect our health. Eating is a day by day, three times a day (at least) opportunity to put yourself in a safe or a dangerous situation. The importance of Kashrut (the laws of being kosher) could not be scrutinized enough, but the importance of those foods also being healthy was rarely taken into account.

One thing that stood out to me more than anything was how during meals where the main course is meat based the desserts would be “pareve” in order not to mix milk with the meat. Not mixing meat and milk is a foundation in the laws of kashrut, but what was disturbing to me was that most of these “pareve” desserts were margarine, trans fat, toxic based “creamy-dreamy” desserts. At that point I was vegetarian and health conscious. I was aware that margarine are oils that have been refined and manipulated  until they are far from their original healthy chemistry and actually have become quite toxic substances. Sad to say most of the western world has been duped into thinking that margarine is a healthy alternative to butter (this concept is the furthest from the truth). If you have not heard about this yet, please do some research and share your findings with your friends and family. I learned a lot from reading the book “Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill”, by Udo Erasmus.

It was then I knew that if I had to come back to America, I NEEDED to learn how to make the most decadent, creamy, raw, whole food desserts that tasted WAY better than the toxic alternative.

So here I am 7 years later serving this family amazing raw food desserts to be served after their Shabbat meal. I feel blessed for all of my teachers and for all whom I will get to teach, feed, inspire and be inspired by. I am thrilled to be able to offer this service to the world.

In Love!