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Creative spark, inspiration, vision,

within each one there is no division,

Like the origin, of this entire mission –

Creation of relation

a reverberating vibration of generation and re-generation.

Within the creation we’ve created contraptions,

that subdue our creative interactions;

As one disassociates with being in the generative present state,

then one disassociates with the creative fire – which is the underwire and fuel of all desire..

What if we –

consider the concept of living the unbridald brilliance that is the reliable constant and essence of all that is…

feeding a Holy fire that reaches and rises ever higher….

Uniting with the Creator of Creation and Creationing in and as everything;

This is the ultimate offering-

This is where one can be One – uniting in Unity


No more thinking about who and what I want to be rather just being and expressing the – I am That I am – being through this gifted vessel of flesh and animation. Whoever I tend to think “I am”, “should be”, “want to be”, but I’m not “being” is far and incomparibly less than who I actually Am, when I am truly expressing that essential beingness be through me.

When I do this it is truly we – we that are one and all of the parts that have been created to be. No matter how far one runs or seeks to seperate, there is still just one – whole – complete – unified body and BEING.

If one part of the whole seeks to gain glory for that sake of the self on the back of another parts health, it won’t be long until the whole falls ill for making money off a poisoned pill may bring one a moments thrill but still….. We are all part of the whole and if one part is broke the whole will not long stay a bouyont float.

This is the ill of the world today, when one thinks that they can act without affecting the whole they and we are caught in the great illusion. Each one must shake it off – step into being and acting for the sake of all things and we as a body, a being will flourish and succeed to express the Infinite Is through this experiment of the illusion of massiveness, the illusion of parts, the experience of relating, experiencing, BEING.


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