Bay Area Raw Food Classes are Coming….

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Yes, my next set of raw food prep classes is coming up very quickly. Follow this link for details or just check out the calendar to your right.

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Above is a picture of the demo I was teaching at Raw Union! It’s such a thrill to share what I have learned and continue to learn with all you enthusiastic, transforming souls….beautiful reflections of my own.
The upcoming classes will be fun, quick, fresh and easy foods. The idea was to share the tools and techniques that I have picked to support me in maintaining a raw food lifestyle that I, my partner, friends and family can all enjoy! So in other words something other than just your average or awesomely beyond average salad (that’s great for me, but just doesn’t cut it for my sweetheart or many different friends and family that aren’t “Raw Foodists”).
These days we are all or most of us taking in to consideration the cost of the food, the prep time, how healthy it is and how good it tastes. To maintain tasty, and deeply satisfying raw food without spending hours in the kitchen can either take great creativity or a palate that is satisfied with much more simple food. This class is about taking pretty simple foods, fresh foods (little to no dehydrating – in order to keep it quick), and learning how to put them together in ways that give a depth of texture, flavor, and overall satisfaction.
I have found there are certain staples that one with a busy lifestyle and a tight budget can turn to for great flavor, nutrition and balance. This sounds like stuff that a lot of people could benefit from, so what to do but put it out there.
This class will be 4 seperate days, 3 hours per day and each day will have a focus on Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Dessert. That way I figure we can go over many different options for that meal of the day and hopefully give you staple foods you can turn to in a hurry. Many of which can store in your fridge, be used in different ways to make a brand new recipe out of a “left over” sauce or dressing. There are so many great ways to get deliciously creative.
So if you want to know specifics check the calendar or link above and contact me to reserve a space.

All my Love, Chaya


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