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Back in the realm of solid food and what is going on, how’s the transition, etc., etc., etc.? Yes, I had planned on writing quite a while back at least a month – and well, it hasn’t been time ’till now, which may or may not give you a hint as to the smoothness of my transition from a fluid to a solid state. I would like to think I am still quite fluid however my transition has been somewhat jagged. All in all I know it’s part of my life process and growth experience, I do choose each moment whether or not I like to admit it when the moment is happening. I will proceed to summarize as best I can my experience and any tools I feel would benefit someone with a similar disposition as myself or to anyone interested in picking up feedback in general.

I can say quite bluntly, by day 92 I was ready to be completely complete with the juice feast process. Meaning ready just to be eating normal (mostly raw living, all organic – normal of course) and have a smooth and simple daily routine.

To give you a bit of background, I was having a very rough time getting all the juice I needed every day – that was mainly due to the fact that I had just moved, started a new job where I would be commuting at 6 am, while adjusting and settling to the new environment. So, smooth fluid flow of juice and life wasn’t quite happening in the way that I would have imagined or desired for myself or anyone else.

Basically I could have stopped the juice feast at day 72, transitioned and been in a much better flow for what was happening in my life at that time. My recommendation to anyone thinking about or having just begun a juice feast, fast or cleanse of any sort is to really have your internal guidance system turned on and up – listen to what it is saying and where it is guiding you. Be open and willing to honor your bodies wisdom as to the best time to begin the transition back into solid food and give yourself ample time and mental/emotional space to gradually transition into your optimal daily routine.( As a side note: It will be of great assistance to have someone act as a sounding board for you, reflecting back what it is they heard you express in regards to whether or not it really seems like the right time to transition).

I personally was determined to continue even through the red flags and internal voices of “we’ve had enough, it’s time to transition back, the work for this time around is complete”. My determination came from an emotional point of view – see in the beginning of my juice feast I said “92 days, I am going to do a 92 day juice feast”. It was solid, however when I got to day 72 or 82 and felt I was ready to transition – I chose not to in order to fulfill the emotional/mental agreement I had made with myself. There have been too many times in the past when I said I would do something and then did not complete it or end up doing it at all, this time I wanted to follow through just to prove to my own subconscious that my word can be trusted. So it wasn’t just about a physical completion but also a spiritual, mental and emotional completion. For that reason I am glad I went through with it, because the most important trust I can have in life is first and foremost my own. If I internally trust myself then there is no doubt that I will succeed with whatever I put my intention, attention, determination and action on.

 Having said that, the next juice feast I do (I will do this again) I will not claim a certain amount of time to do the feast. I will listen to my body and perhaps say a minimum amount of time be it 3 days or 3 weeks. No matter what – I will leave sufficient time to transition from the cleanse to the daily daily of food choices. If after 3 weeks I feel I have done what needs to be done, I will give myself at least a week to properly transition and perhaps a week for every month that I cleanse. Mentally preparing for that as a part of the cleanse process. What I am recommending as an emotional preparation is that you include the transition time as part of the cleanse. Otherwise what I found is that I did not want to take the proper time to transition, I did transition in the recommended way (however my suggestion is a more extended transition period after such a lengthy fast from eating solid foods) but it was with quite a bit of resistance. On the other hand, had I been prepare for 102 days or 122 days all together the last portion of which was set aside specifically for moving gradually back into solid foods, I feel I would have had more strength and preparedness. 

My solid recommendation; prepare yourself mentally for the entire time including the transition period and you will be much better off. At the same time don’t lock yourself into a specified amount of time, listen to your inner wisdom and be prepared for the transition period whenever the time is ripe.

I am just beginning to feel centered in my body again and in a more and more healthy relationship with food. One thing I will write more about later is my new found awareness of; if you have issues around food, or eating disorders of any sort the only way to truly receive the lesson they have to offer and move beyond that challenge is to face it and work with it head on. What that means is to break the eating disorder cycle, you must eat. Although, through fasting, juice feasting, cleansing of many sorts you will connect with a new found strength, courage, self respect, trust, deep knowing how to hear what your body is saying and asking for and so many more positive benefits, when it comes time to eat again, for many and most of us those deep rooted issues re-surface. The way to deal with them is to work with them through the element of ignition, through the medium of food.

Most of us want a quick fix, even though three months may not seem so quick, it is quicker than a lifetime of constant awareness and practice, which is what I feel is necessary when working with a deep rooted eating disorder or addiction. It’s always there, and joy can be found in it. Within our greatest challenges we can find our greatest teachers.

At birth the baby knows of a shocking and distinguished change. Where there was a feeling of warmth and protection there is now a feeling of coolness and separation. Where the spirit and body were one and completely nourished without force now the vessel feels as though it is distinct and in need. Not previously knowing need – it must feel a bit lost yet still at peace remembering the unity of being in womb and complete without having to do  anything for sustenance or vitality. A likely state of confusion until the soft warmth of Mommies breast is directed into the mouth that was expressing the emotion of fear through a wale or cry. With the nurturing embrace and drawing forth of warm, sweet, colostrum and then milk we are once again settled in a sense of wholeness, only this time somewhat aware of the body and the effort expressed to once again experience the safety of unification. Here is the beginning of our relationship with food.


I feel food, emotion and addiction are very important subjects that most likely everyone has some sort of issue with them whether known consciously, subconsciously or not at all.  How we rectify and refine that relationship is first awareness, then acknowledgement, and finally willingness to refine our own character in all realms of life which obviously includes food – the fuel for our daily physical existence.

I will be writing more on the subject, but for now I will wrap up by saying that the juice feast was a stepping stone on my journey of refinement. I feel blessed to have gone through the experience, I will juice feast again and I definitely recommend it for those who feel ready to go to a deeper level of cleansing, and resetting. I do not recommend it if you specifically want to lose weight, you will lose weight, but there is a danger of gaining all you’ve lost back and more if your only goal is weight loss. To lose and sustain weight, one must learn and take on healthy habits with food and exercise,. Ignoring your habits and juicing to lose weight, then abruptly confronting food again could put you in a very dangerous slippy slope.

If you are reading this and are interested in some discussion on consulting services, I am available for both raw food consultations, weight loss and lifestyle consultations as well as juice feast coaching.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and choosing an awakened life. Blessed Love, Chaya


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