3 Immortals with Rhemania

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I am thrilled to know about Rhemannia, Shaman Shack and the magical concoctions they are producing!!! Genius is bubbling up all over the place and what a gift to be on the receiving end of Rhemannias genius products. I first heard about his “3 Immortals” tea mix from Angela Stokes-Monarch, and then again from Elaina Love. They sell his “potions” at the Tree of Life and people from all around are hiring him to set up Elixir bars. When my level 1 Elixir class was approaching I knew it could wait no longer. I must purchase some of his products and finally find out what the buzzzz wuzzz all about….Well – now I know and I am SO glad! Not only is the man Rhemannia very generous with his time and knowledge, but just reading about the products he has put together stir up excitement in my physiology. It’s like reading about what the different teas are all about has a homeopathic effect. I truly look forward to trying more of this ancient medicine and reading his books which seem equally informative and interesting.

Today i am featuring his “3 Immortals” blend. It is a combination of Reishi, Shilajit and Ormus. This powerful mix carries with it the qualities of reishi the “herb of spiritual immortality” according to Rhemannia, Shilajit which he says activates our bodies ability to break down and utilize minerals, and Ormus which is a substance that hangs out between matter and energy and is an amplifier of whatever else you are utilizing with it – in this case the Reishi and Shilajit. I am no expert on these supplements, but everything I have heard about them is stellar. What I can tell you is that if you take 1/2 a tsp. of this mix, blend it with a couple Tbs. of hemp seeds, a Tbs. of coconut sugar (or whatever sweetener or none if you prefer), and a cup of hot water – you will have a DELICIOUS latte style drink, that tastes very reminiscent of coffee in it’s slightly bitter and earthy flavor. The cherry on top is hearing how powerfully healing and nutrifying the mix is. Check out the videos below to watch someĀ  interviews where Rhemannia tells you about this product and his journey to the Taoist herbal system.

Learn more about this product and Shaman Shack by clicking here.

Part 1

Part 2


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