During these very challenging times it is more important than ever to nourish ourselves in mind, body and spirit. Chaya, of Living Vision Kitchen is now offering short recipe videos available on her facebook page and here on her blog to both support you in learning wholesome ways to nourish your body with family friendly, vegan foods and to support her family (with your potential donations) while she is out of work and homeschooling due to the shelter-in-place order.

The recipes and video’s she will be offering will be informal, and for the most part be easy enough to prepare with your children; a great activity while everyone is home and an awesome way to inspire your kiddo’s to try new foods.

Chaya focuses on whole foods, mostly fresh, with nuggets of nutritional wisdom to tuck into your natural health and wellness toolkit. These videos will be non-dogmatic, non-judgmental and non-militant. The purpose here is to add nutrition and nourishment in fun, delicious and accessible ways.

If you find value in the videos and information she offers we humbly invite you to make a monetary contribution of any size through Chaya’s paypal account (donate button below). If you are not in a position to make any contributions, but would like to support, please share these video’s with any and all who you believe would benefit from them. Thank you!


Living Vision Blog

Sprouted Sesame Chocolate Halva


Halva is a dense, flaky and sweet confection made with a base of sesame butter and sugar. To that base many different ingredients can be added. This recipe is my “Healthy” take on... READ MORE

Heirloom Tomato Caprese Salad with Macadamia Ricotta


View this post on Instagram Heirloom Tomato Caprese Salad with Macadamia Ricotta. Video coming soon. Subscribe to my youtube page for updates and more recipes https://youtube.com/TheLivingVision11 #heirloomtomatoes #nutcheese #vegancheese #basil #raw #vegan #paleo... READ MORE