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Confetti Kale Salad

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Recently I posted this picture of my pre-juice feast Kale Salad to facebook. And, as it happens, the community didn’t just want to see it, but they/you wanted the recipe to make for... READ MORE

Preparing for my Juice Feast

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Today is January 9th 2015. I am 7 days into my Juice Feast pre-prep. My intention is to write about my process through this juice feast, to expand on the summarized protocol I shared... READ MORE

A Juice Feasting Protocol Made Easy

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If we take care of our vehicles with regular oil changes, tune-ups, the best fuel we can afford and proper care they will run strong for a very, very long time. Even-more-so our miraculous bodies.... READ MORE

Raw Vegan Persimmon Almond Butter Nog

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As I was playing with my brand new blendtec blender, I had the idea to make a five minute nog using almond butter, persimmons and a few other ingredients that I had available... READ MORE